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Establishing a guaranteed maximum price (GMP), value engineering and constructability reviews are just a few of the charateristics of a CM At-Risk project.

Construction Management At-Risk

Construction Management At-Risk (CM At-Risk) services are also fee-based.  Under this delivery system, we not only provide management/consulting services and represent your interest during the construction but, we will also work with the design consultants to finalize the construction documents, set the construction budget and ensure the project is completed cost-efficiently and within the specified schedule.  We also assume the financial risk of the project, typically by developing a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the construction, procuring the subcontractors and vendors and maintaining the contracts.  


Like Agency CM services, CM At-Risk services are typically ideal for larger construction projects (new and renovation/rehabilitation) where the CM also manages and executes the entire construction process, including being responsible for the subcontractors' financial stability and performance, fluctuations in material costs, quality control, etc. 

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