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Program management services are ideal for capital improvement programs or large, complex projects involving multiple design and construction teams.  Program managers provide the owner with the expertise and resources to guide them through the entire process, from conception through design, construction and post-construction. 

Program Management

Program Management services are fee-based where the Program Manager acts exclusively on behalf of the owner, typically on a capital improvement program or large, complex projects which involve multiple design and construction teams.  The Program Manager is brought on during the early stages of the project and works in collaboration with the owner to advise, consult, manage and administer the entire project – including site selection, pre-project analysis, procuring the design and construction professionals, approvals, construction and post-construction activities. 


Our goal as your Program Manager is to represent you and your interests throughout the course of the project and ensure that your expectations are achieved while you maintain direct control over all aspects and quality of the project.

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